LEADing The Way

The workplace is crying out for Authentic Leaders and many are now stepping up, but for many who have been boxed into leadership models and frameworks of the past it can be difficult to define ‘who am I?’, ‘what is my purpose?’ and ‘what are my values?’.

Individualism has been defined as one of six megatrends for engagement but can we truly help individuals to grow and develop in their careers if as leaders we don’t understand ourselves fully?

Now in its fourth year, our LEADing The Way programme helps leaders who want to be more authentic delve deep, discover their true self and make a difference in their lives, their work and in the wider world.

What will I get from it?:

I was starting to believe I was alone in my thinking.  It was great to meet like-minded leaders, to grow with them and to leave with a deeper understanding of myself.  It wasn’t me who was wrong, I was just at a company with values that weren’t aligned to me.  I’m now leading the way in a new role, with a new team and showing up as me everyday.  Thank you! – Claire, HR Director

I love my work but for the past year or so I had been dreading going to work every day.  There was so much change, so many mixed messages, a lack of direction and decisions from the senior leadership team (of which I am a part of).  It was as though we were scared of making decisions, and I was happy to hide behind the figures and statistics.  Not anymore.  I’m not afraid to challenge, to own up to my mistakes and to drive change in the business. I can honestly say that I love going into work every day and my team now feel the same – Max, Finance Director

I was asked if I wanted to go on this course and I thought why not?  Something else to go on the CV.  I am so glad that I did.  The first session felt a bit ‘out there’, but stick with it.  You’ll experience change like you have never imagined possible, you’ll get clarity, you’ll feel inspired and you’ll reignite the passion for your role, and even your company.  THE best programme I have ever been involved in and I’m keen to work with Kelly again in the future on the next stage of my development – Thomas, Director of Resources.

What does it involve?:

  • A 12 Month Development Programme for leaders who want to be more authentic.
  • An interactive holistic and experiential approach to learning, with no death by PowerPoint and real-life tangible results.
  • 4 x 2 day residentials
  • 4 x 1 hour 1-1 Coaching Calls
  • Developmental pre-work prior to each residential
  • 360º feedback prior to residential three
  • CPD accreditation
  • And a celebratory half day event to reflect and close the 12 months as well as enjoying lunch together.

Develops all areas of your life; Self, Relationships, Work and World and LEAD The Way.

Residential 1 – Self – BE more

Pre-work; Personal aims and objectives for the programme, video resources, recommended reading, dissociate exercise, collect magazines to bring to the residential, introduce yourself to programme participants.

You’ll cover; Introduction to the programme, programme framework, introduction to self, the neuroscience behind why you feel the way you do, connections, understanding self, removing barriers, complete wellbeing, letting go of fear, purpose, values, vision, hot-seats, EARN your leadership, courage, self-compassion, courage, strategy creation, accountability, mindset, I commit to…., next steps, reflections and close.

Residential 2 – Relationships – HAVE more

Pre-work; 1-1 coaching, reflections, accountability sessions, personal aims and objectives for residential 2.

You’ll cover; Reflections, what’s been good?, introduction to relationships, HOT conversations, Tribal Leadership, comparison syndrome, creating effective relationships, Gestalt technique to difficult conversations, hot-seats, create more, strategy 2 creation, accountability, mindset, I commit to…., next steps, reflections, close.

Residential 3 – Work – DO more

Pre-work; 1-1 coaching, 360º feedback, accountability sessions, personal aims and objectives for residential 3.

You’ll cover; Reflections, what’s been good?, introduction to work, hot-seats, purpose, stop-start-continue, relationships, language, behaviour, culture, mindset, challenge, conflict resolution, accountability, strategy 3 creation, three things, I commit to…, next steps, reflections, close.

Residential 4 – World – GIVE more

Pre-work; 1-1 coaching, reflections, accountability sessions, personal aims and objectives for residential 4, your perfect day, setting your BIG scary goal for the future.

You’ll cover; Reflections, what’s been good? introduction to world, define-design-deliver, your world, making a difference (MAD), barriers, my year in film, three things, accountability, strategy 4 creation, I commit to …., next steps, reflections, close.

Half-day celebration and lunch

Benefits for the organisation:

This programme helps good leaders raise the bar and understand what it takes – both from within themselves and through their influence on the wider organisation – to deliver high performance and transformational results. It can mark a significant change in a leaders’ effectiveness and career direction.

You can expect to delve deep and be challenged in news ways as well as exploring how to manage the pressures of delivering high performance. The emphasis throughout is on application, to help you become a better leader in the context in which you work now whilst building skills for the future.

  • Understand yourself as a leader Participate in experiential learning tasks to help you develop your whole self and complete an extensive 360-degree feedback process, originated to gain genuine insight on yourself as you function in your current business context. Explore the implications of the findings for your own leadership approach (including one-to-one coaching sessions).
  • Learn to handle the ambiguity and chaos of leadership and life Experience a variety of thought-provoking insights and apply your learning in a management challenge.
  • Set leadership development goals and strategies Keep focused and review your development with practical leadership development goals and strategies (You will complete four strategies during the programme). You will revisit these through the programme and revise and set new goals for further development at the last residential.


Who is it for? Leaders who want to be more authentic

Where does it happen?  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Are other locations available? Not currently.  Kelly has been running this session in Peterborough, London and in workplaces for the last three years however there are no plans to offer this anywhere else at the minute.

What if I can’t make all of the dates? It’s important that you make all of the dates however we realise that sometimes things happen that cannot be rearranged, therefore you should speak to Kelly about alternative arrangements.

How much does it cost? £5,250 per person

How can I pay?  BACS, invoice or Paypal

Can I pay in instalments? Yes, however full payment is to be received by the time of the first session.

This 12 month programme will start in January 2018 and is limited to just 10 places.  To find out more or to book your place email kelly@chrysalis-consulting.co.uk or call us on 01733 865026.

About the facilitator

Kelly Swingler, Founder of Chrysalis Consulting and The Chrysalis Foundation, has a BSc in Psychology and is currently undertaking a PhD in Organisational Change and the Courage of Leaders.

She has appeared on Career Nuggets and This Morning.

Kelly is passionate about developing people and believes that organisations that invest in their people outperform those that don’t.

She is a regular contributor to the Great Health Guide on the topics of Leadership and Change.

Kelly has a strong background in HR and OD; having worked in the industry for 18 years she was also recruited as the UK’s Youngest HR Director according to the CIPD.

She is a finalist in the Women in Business Awards for 2017.

Kelly is a qualified and accredited Executive Mindset Coach, Leadership Expert and Clinical Psychotherapist and lives in Peterborough in a converted Windmill with her partner, twin sons and a Bulldog called “Bowser”.