We are delighted to have received Gold in our first IiP assessment!

It’s a testament to the work we do and the way we value and develop our people.  It was also fantastic to know that we are already working at the Platinum level with some of our internal ways of working.  

IiP may not be a particularly rebellious accreditation, but it will position us an employer of choice as we continue to grow as a local employer working on a national and international basis.  It’s also amazing to know that what we are doing is working – for our people and our clients.

Lindsay Waters IiP Assessor writes:

“The Chrysalis Crew, established in 2014 by Kelly Swingler, (Founder and “The Rule Breaker”) is intent on challenging outdated and unethical HR practices in order to put people first and create workplaces people love.

The organisation is focused on providing coaching, consulting, and workshops with a drive to develop HR functions into a different way of thinking for the future. The Chrysalis Crew believe that employees should be treated as accountable adults, with a focus on honest, open and transparent (HOT) conversations to enable this behaviour.

Just even by their role titles, it’s obvious that The Chrysalis Crew is embracing the approach of doing things differently. While this may seem unconventional for some in a traditional world, they believe it brings the best results.

The Chrysalis Crew are indeed promoting a different way of working within HR departments, and this certainly reflects in their own practices which are strong in many areas. The level of passion and motivation within the team at interview was impressive, and it is clear that the honest, open and transparent approach to operating is reaping great reward.

“Ripping up the rulebook and creating workplaces people love” is a daring strategy, and the passion, dedication and enthusiasm to the cause shown by Kelly and Michael at context was infectious. They shared that “Motivation something we give ourselves, and the team feel they have that”, and this feeling was shared during interview.

The overarching Rebel Mission is bought to life in a simple, yet concise one-page vision and growth plan, breaking out objectives in 5 key areas of People, Customer, Innovation, Technology and Financial.  The plan was created collectively with the whole team through a “Blank Paper Day” mechanism, where the whole team meet monthly to share thoughts on what works well or needs improvement, discuss business updates, and creatively brainstorm new ideas. The approach has ensured a universal understanding of key objectives, evident in interview discussions where key elements were commonly referenced.

The consistent, open communication practices are working well, and The Blank Paper Days are an important forum to fully contribute to a wide variety of topics. Interview comments shared that “It wasn’t just “that’s the remit get on and do it”, it was very much “what do you guys think, and how are you going to shape it”. That’s where our expertise kicks in”. The sessions are clearly motivational, with another comment sharing that “They are very energetic. You come out and think “We’ve got some energy”. It’s also a reflection on what we have actually achieved.

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