We believe strongly in giving back as much as we can whether it’s through the schools and charities that we support with time or donations, or by the small steps that we take to help the wellbeing of our people and to protect our planet.

Our small but ethical steps include:

  • Using recycled printer, notepad and flip-chart paper
  • Recycling our printer cartridges
  • Buying recycled pens
  • Minimising our carbon footprint by limiting the time spent in the office, making use of online conference facilities with our clients and using public transport wherever possible
  • Not providing handouts or materials at any of our workshops or events – providing materials online instead
  • Stopping the use of business cards – instead directing people to our online profiles
  • Buying only fair-trade tea, coffee and fruit
  • Working with ethical and responsible suppliers
  • Operating an output based not time in the office approach with our people
  • Allowing our people to choose their patterns of work to fit around their families and personal responsibilities
  • Volunteering opportunities

Some of the work we have done to support various charities are listed below

A Work for Good business

The Big Sleep Out – For the third year, we are supporting the YMCA braving the elements and sleeping in a cardboard box.  Kelly, Michael and Cameron (Michael’s 15 year old son) have learnt from previous years so will ensure they are wrapped up warm as the temperatures start to drop over recent weeks.  The team have called themselves the Chrysalis Crusaders and hope to raise in excess of £2000.

The YMCA at Burton offer a safe place to call home for 71 people plus a breadth of services including community foodbank, mediation and counselling and a night shelter. Rough sleepers can access their support every day and have a shower, eat, rest and talk to support staff.

Mentoring in Schools – Working with CROPS, Kelly supports four students each half term in local schools in Peterborough to help increase confidence, overcome issues or just to provide an impartial listening ear.

Kelly said “For me this is something that’s really important.  Schools are focusing much more on statistics than on individual students and giving students who may be struggling additional support to help them achieve in and out of school is so important.  I encourage anyone who wants to get involved in mentoring young people to give it a go.  There are lots of organisations out there providing this service and they are always on the look out for volunteers”.

Big Sleep Out 2017 – In November 2017, Michael and Kelly will brave the cold again to support YMCA Burton and hope to beat their fund raising of 2016!  They have already secured boxes and bubble wrap from B & Q like last year.

Michael said “As we sat and discussed what charity events we could do in 2017, we agreed the Sleep Out was top of the list.  Whilst is was cold and we had little sleep we couldn’t resist doing it again!”.

Retrak – September

In September 2018 Kelly Swingler will be spending 10 days in Uganda supporting Retrak.  A mixed team of HR/L&D professionals will divide their time between working with the children at Retrak’s centres (spending time with the children on activities, games, and crafts) and using their professional skills to help develop the capacity of Retrak staff.

Some of the children Kelly will meet are likely to have suffered a significant amount of abuse and many if not all, will be street children.  We wish Kelly every success and can’t wait to hear her stories when she returns.

Interview Skills Work – Kelly attended St. Mary’s School in Cambridge on the first day of term providing eight interview skills workshops to over 80 students.  The day was organised by Form the Future and also included workshops and presentations from Metro Bank, the Apprentice Service, PhD students and other volunteers.

“The world is changing and for younger people the gap between education and the world is work is widening, I think it’s important that we help students understand what employers are looking for whilst at the same time encouraging students to be themselves.  It was a great day and the students got a lot from it”  said Kelly.

Peterborough Cycle Ride – The Peterborough Bike Ride raises money to help fund cutting edge heart health research by the British Heart Foundation.  The team from Chrysalis Consulting including family and friends raised over £300 for this fantastic charity.

Michael said “A very well organised event and a challenge!  Whilst 25 miles doesn’t sound a lot it was very hot but we all completed the fantastic course – bar the hills near the end!”

The Big Sleep Out – Kelly and Michael spent the night in the terraces at Burton Albion Football Club along with a huge number of other volunteers to raise money and awareness for the YMCA in Burton Upon Trent.  As well as giving up their beds for the night they raised over £1000 and also gained generous donations from B&Q, 2 Sisters and CHEP who provided the boxes, the soup and the fish and chips meaning that more money was able to go directly to the YMCA.

“Waking up freezing cold at 3am in the morning is never nice and we both wanted to start moaning, you then remember why you are doing it and who you are doing it for – very humbling.” said Michael.

Mentoring – During 2016, Michael Fearnhead mentored a member of staff from Little Miracles in Peterborough. Little Miracles is a charity for families with children that have additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions based in Peterborough.

Michael said “I was asked to mentor one of the Fund Raising Managers at Little Miracles during 2016.  It was a great to help and guide as well as learn more about this fantastic charity”.