Here we are again, at the start of a New Year, and everywhere you look there are helpful guides to decluttering your mind/wardrobe/social media/handbag/kitchen cupboards…the list is endless! 

I usually give these articles little more than a cursory glance, but this year I do feel the need for a concerted effort with regard to my own social media, so I braced myself for a ‘Facebook Fix’. 

Like most people I joined Facebook with the intention of keeping in touch with friends and family, scattered over both the UK and beyond.  An ‘intimate gathering’ of people who have a special place in my life, but pretty soon I was breaking my own rules, adding people with only a tenuous link to my world. 

Maybe I wanted to appear popular, maybe I didn’t want to offend anyone, maybe I was just bloody nosey! 

Sound familiar? 

But I’ve come to realise that at times, the people who inhabit my digital world can have a serious impact on my mental health and happiness, so time for some virtual goodbyes! 

Yes it’s fun and human to be nosey, checking in with what people are up to, but the fun stops when feelings of inadequacy take over – time now to focus on my life, rather than waste time yearning after other people’s. 

I’ve also removed those folk who seem to delight in using Facebook as a platform for offensive posts. I can’t ‘sugarcoat’ the world, but I can choose to be kind rather than ignorantly controversial. 

As life can be dramatic enough at times, I have removed those connections who seem to delight in airing their dirty laundry in public – do it in private people! 

This also includes the people who post cryptic teasers about their lives, with just enough of a hook to draw you in! Well thisfish has had enough! I’ve wriggled of that hook for good! 

The bitter irony is that the connections I’ve removed probably won’t even realise I’ve gone, so my digital spring clean has probably done a good few folk a favour too! 

That leaves me with the Facebook that originally wanted, the place where I can keep in touch with the people I really want to hear about. 

Happy New Facebook Year! It feels better already!

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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We think Sue must be a ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, as she has hidden depths! Running our office with meticulous planning and capability, Sue is an avid list writer with a keen eye for detail. But don’t be fooled by that organised demeanour, for Sue is as creative as she is efficient! A skilled communicator with a humorous edge, Sue is as passionate about people and their learning and development as she is about becoming the future Mrs Tom Hardy or Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch (either will do!).  An interesting career path has taken her from the glamour of working in luxury London hotels to the chilled Distribution Centres of supermarket retail, and whether managing small groups or large teams, people are at the heart of everything Sue does.