Over the weekend I caught one of those ‘year in review shows’ on Sky News we see at this time of year.
In a similar vein, The Chrysalis Crew are also in the process of reviewing 2018, it’s amazing to remember just how much we’ve packed into 12 months and it’s always good to reflect upon and learn from our experiences.
Back to the tv programme, I’m usually pretty good at remember what happened, but I’m not so hot on the when! So I was more than surprised to be reminded that it was back in March that the Westminster Bridge attack happened. Hard to grasp the concept that in just 82 seconds, 4 innocent pedestrians lost their lives on the bridge, a police officer was stabbed to death and a further 29 pedestrians were injured. Add to the list the demise of the perpetrator himself and you have 82 seconds of human carnage.
Aside from the loss of life, one other aspect of this horrific event stuck in my mind. At the subsequent inquest, much was made of the fact that the Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police stayed in his car as events unfolded.
This blog is not intended to argue the ‘rights and wrongs’ of Sir Craig Mackey’s actions, and the story lay dormant in the back of my mind until quite recently when I undertook my Mental Health First Aider training.

It was interesting to read that Sir Mackey had remained in the car because “he had no protective equipment or radio”. Further on in the article the Acting Commissioner was quoted as saying that it was “instinct” to get out of the car, however, he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with no equipment and was accompanied by two colleagues who were not police officers.
Moving away from the event itself, but taking the salient points, it got me thinking about HR Professionals who find themselves on the front line without the necessary ‘equipment’ every working day.
Thinking back to my own operational HR role, I frequently found myself dealing with front line issues and many times I found myself poorly equipped and lacking the necessary skills to deal with some really hard hitting people issues.
Since joining The Chrysalis Crew, I’ve learned that HR is often the area of a business where presenteeism is commonplace until breaking point is reached.
So with a new year around the corner, and an average of 260 working days ahead, surely it’s time to take one day out to prioritise personal wellbeing.
The Chrysalis Crew are certified Mental Health First Aiders, and we’re rightly proud of that achievement, but we realised that the content focuses on the problem, instead of how to take a proactive approach to prioritise wellbeing.
We believe in solution focused ways of working, so we created this workshop that we run regularly for HR Professionals.
So if you’re on the front line in 2019, are you adequately equipped?
Staying ‘in the car’ might not be an option.
We’re a call or click away.

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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We think Sue must be a ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, as she has hidden depths! Running our office with meticulous planning and capability, Sue is an avid list writer with a keen eye for detail. But don’t be fooled by that organised demeanour, for Sue is as creative as she is efficient! A skilled communicator with a humorous edge, Sue is as passionate about people and their learning and development as she is about becoming the future Mrs Tom Hardy or Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch (either will do!).  An interesting career path has taken her from the glamour of working in luxury London hotels to the chilled Distribution Centres of supermarket retail, and whether managing small groups or large teams, people are at the heart of everything Sue does.