3 Reasons To Engage An Inspiring Speaker…

The trend for motivational speakers at corporate and training events shows no sign of slowing down, but of course not all businesses have mind-blowing budgets to book the ‘celebrity voice of the moment’! However, it’s worthwhile remembering that engaging an inspiring speaker will contribute so much more than entertainment alone, and this is why…

It will create energy and inspiration.

In this digital age, the business convention/conference/seminar continues to thrive because of the human connection. An authentic voice will engage an audience as the story unfolds and the energy builds.

It will introduce a new face. 

The much quoted Mark Twain described an expert as “an ordinary fellow from another town”, and listening to a new voice can be a powerful event. An inspirational speaker can be more interesting than a more traditional presentation, and everyone loves to hear about personal experiences.

It will create investment in ideas. 

Inspirational speakers are often experts in their own right, and selecting a keynote speaker with an entrepreneurial history and a wealth of experience can bring a room to life.

Fresh ideas are key to any great conference, meaning guests will feel more personally invested in.

But best of all, a great speaker is unique! You won’t find their messages in a training manual, and they will bring unorthodox perspectives, designed to delve deeper and disrupt conservative thinking!

The best speakers understand team psychology – and that’s a pretty awesome skill!

The first time I watched and heard Kelly Swinger, Founder of the Chrysalis Crew deliver an inspirational talk I instantly engaged in her story and it was wonderful to feel the room invest in her story.

So you don’t need celebrity status, but you do need an authentic storyteller with a tale to tell.

And boy, does she understand team psychology!

If you’d like Kelly to share her entrepreneurial story at your event, we’re just a call or click away.

And here’s where she is already booked to tell her story!

13th February 2019

Engagement Excellence Summit 2019

4th April 2019

DisruptHR Peterborough

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