My latest blog just happens to be my 💯th since joining Chrysalis Consulting, and I hope that they have brought our readership as much enjoyment as I have experienced from sharing my thoughts with you.

As we fell silent yesterday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, and remembered all those who died in the First World War; I took inspiration from the film ‘Darkest Hour’.

In Saturday night, my partner suggested we watch ‘Darkest Hour’, a film we’d both been very keen to see. Wonderfully acted from the opening scene onwards, we were soon engrossed in watching history play out before our eyes.

Of course, Gary Oldman shone as Winston Churchill and his performance was mesmerising.

My late father was a passionate admirer of Mr Churchill, and took great pleasure from reading his speeches many times over. It was a bittersweet moment to think how much he would have enjoyed the film.

Aside from the true story of Great Britain being at the precipice of World War II, it was fascinating to watch Mr Churchill withstand his ‘darkest hour’ and lead us to victory; but let me be clear, the purpose of the blog is not to debate either politics or history, my attention was captivated by watching a great leader in action.

Right at the start of the story, there is a scene between Winston and his wife Clementine where she has a difficult conversation with her husband, advising him that his rough, sarcastic and overbearing manner could see him being generally disliked by colleagues and subordinates, and she advises him not to be so rude, and to be a little kinder!

As with all historical figures, there is a danger of remembering them as purely iconic, without flaws. But the film shows Winston Churchill wrestling with world changing problems against the backdrop of a sceptical monarch and dissent within his own party.

Ironic how all these years later we find ourselves talking about leaders openly demonstrating kindness, empathy, mindfulness and vulnerability…Winston was onto something!

So thank you Mr Churchill for your flawed leadership which led us on from the dark days of 1940 to final victory in 1945.

From the darkest hour, to the finest.

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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