Saturday was National Mentoring Day and it was great to see so many people posting about how mentoring has helped them.

Mentoring can be a valuable way for people to grow and develop with help and support from someone who can provide a different perspective.

I first started mentoring for the Aspire Foundation in 2013 after attending as Aspire event for women leaders.   I mentored a number of women from a range of countries, companies and charities helping with confidence, career growth, strategic development and much more.

In 2014 I also became a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation, working again with women on a number of topics and across a diverse range of companies and charities.

I added another mentoring string to my bow in 2017 through a local charity, CROPS, supporting teens in secondary schools on Mondays.

Why do I give more than one day a week to mentoring others?

Giving back has always been a key driver for me, and I’ve given time or money to many good causes over the years to help others to grow.  When I started Chrysalis I wanted to also align the work we do to a charity providing mentoring – we’ve not gotten there yet, but we will do.  Until then, I’ll keep giving my time to other charities.


I believe mentoring can be of huge value and I have seen first hand the way in which it can help develop confidence and many other skills for the individuals being mentored. I give my time to mentor because I feel mentoring is a fantastic way for people to grow develop and reach their potential.  It’s also incredibly rewarding.


I have worked with, amongst others, abused teens – and helped them through their exams.  I have worked with female entrepreneurs in developing countries – to start and build their own company to not only help themselves but their entire community.  I have worked with charity leaders who want to develop the charity to serve more people on a tighter budget.  And I have worked with boys who are close to running out of options at school and been able to help them get back on track.  All of these people, with their incredible stories, their passion, their drive and their attitudes have taught me valuable lessons about compassion, self-belief, determination and drive.  They have overcome barriers that I could never imagine and have moved forward and turned their lives around.

At the end of each mentoring relationship, I’ve been thanked for the difference I have made, I have to thank my mentees for the difference they have made to me.

Being able to support people to change their lives in incredible.  Mentoring is an amazing way to give back and to help others grow.  I’m proud to be a mentor, and I’m pleased that mentoring is receiving the recognition it so readily deserves.


Not one for thinking outside the box – mainly because she believes there isn’t one, Kelly founded Chrysalis in 2014 after being appointed as the UK’s Youngest HR Director (something she was told she couldn’t achieve with two young sons), after feeling that consultancy needed to more people and less process-driven because – well that’s what gives consultants a bad reputation.

Through her consulting, coaching, talks, presentations, workshops and books, she rips up the rule book and helps people create what’s best for them, their teams and their organisations – not what’s best for their competitors.