You’d be forgiven for thinking I was fishing for the Chrysalis Consulting ‘Employee of the Month’ award with my blog themes this week, but seriously, I’m not, however, the ‘Muse of the Week’ Award definitely belongs to Chrysalis Consulting Founder, Kelly Swingler!

So I’ve been glued to the BBC1 drama ‘The Bodyguard’ for the past few weeks. Of course I’ve not been alone, as around 11 million people watched it with me (Sunday nights won’t be the same now!) The BBC were quick to perpetuate the mood with a tantalisingly teasing trailer for the much awaited return of Line of Duty in 2019, another edge-of-the-seat rollercoaster story from the pen of Jed Mecurio.

And it’s to Jed Mecurio that I turn, quite simply, he’s a master storyteller, an expert of his craft.

So what makes someone a wonderful storyteller? Mr Mecurio can draw upon previous career experience, especially for his earlier gritty medical dramas, and he obviously has a more than vivid imagination! And, reading about life before the behemoths of both Line of Duty and The Bodyguard, clearly shows he didn’t always get it right!

So why am I waxing lyrical about Jed Mercurio? Well because the art of storytelling is also key for a great coaching and learning experience, but what really brings it alive is experience – the real ‘school of life’ stuff.

And that brings me back to Kelly. Already an inspiring coach, her very recent return from Uganda, working as part of the Retrak Team has added a depth of experience that most of us won’t get to encounter.

So if you want your coaching experience to be crafted by a great storyteller (and Jed Mecurio is busy writing about police corruption!), then look no further than Chrysalis Consulting, climb on the rollercoaster and hang onto your seat!

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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We think Sue must be a ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, as she has hidden depths! Running our office with meticulous planning and capability, Sue is an avid list writer with a keen eye for detail. But don’t be fooled by that organised demeanour, for Sue is as creative as she is efficient! A skilled communicator with a humorous edge, Sue is as passionate about people and their learning and development as she is about becoming the future Mrs Tom Hardy or Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch (either will do!).  An interesting career path has taken her from the glamour of working in luxury London hotels to the chilled Distribution Centres of supermarket retail, and whether managing small groups or large teams, people are at the heart of everything Sue does.