On the flight home from Uganda whilst trying to get some sleep, and in need of something to drown out the noise from some of the other passengers, I scrolled through the films to find one of my favourites – You’ve Got Mail.

If you’ve not seen it, Tom Hanks opens a large discount book store which leads to the closure of Meg Ryan’s store around the corner, little do they know they are emailing each other via messenger and they fall in love.  A little like the story of Amazon vs the high street but the real life version has less romance.

When the little store around the corner closes, Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan that it’s nothing personal, it’s just business, and this infuriates her.  Her response is that it may not be personal to him, but it is to her – surely business is personal?!?

My business, is personal.  I’ve put my heart into the starting and growth of Chrysalis Consulting, and I work personally with my clients.  I get to know them as people, develop them as people and see them grow as people – it’s personal.

When we do shop on the high street (yes this is still possible), we want a personal experience – we want to feel like we matter – it’s personal.

When I checked in for the flight and whilst on it, I wanted to be a person – not a number – it’s personal.

I go to the same hairdresser every month because she knows how to do my hair – if she moved I’d follow her – it’s personal.

Whilst in Uganda, myself and other members of the team had some clothes and bags made, personal to us – the personal touch, the exact measurements, made it personal.

As we visited the self-help groups that Retrak have supported, the items made by the women meant something to them – and as the person buying it felt personal.

The best restaurant we ate in, saw the manager stay with the waiter as each of us ordered and he recommended the best dishes for us all – it was personal.

Every staff member in the hotel tried to remember as many of our names as possible, as did the bus driver – it was personal.

The continued growth of tech and online services is convenient, and something I’m appreciative of in many cases as it saves me time and allows me  more time to do the things I love.  But when I want to be a person instead of just a consumer, I want to interact with a person.

I want it to be personal.

Is there where many businesses are falling down?  Are we forgetting that without the person receiving what we have to offer, we have no business?

If nothing else, business should be personal – people buy from people, we relate to people, we interact with people – and that makes it personal.

How can you implement more of the personal touch into your business?


 Not one for thinking outside the box – mainly because she believes there isn’t one, Kelly founded Chrysalis in 2014 after being appointed as the UK’s Youngest HR Director (something she was told she couldn’t achieve with two young sons), after feeling that consultancy needed to more people and less process driven because – well that’s what gives consultants a bad reputation.

 Through her consulting, coaching, talks, presentations, workshops and books, she rips up the rule book and helps people create what’s best for them, their teams and their organisations – not what’s best for their competitors.