Just like a proud Mum, I recently posted on Facebook a photo of one of our rescue cats, Lily, with the following narrative

“We brought this beautiful, but badly abused little lady home from Wood Green just over 5 years ago. Tonight, for the first time, she nuzzled my face and lay down resting her head next to mine. 

It was one of those special moments that only an animal can give you. Had a little tear – but a happy one!”

#LovelyLily #PatiencePaysOff #LoveMyCat

The story didn’t end there. Since that moment, and that ‘connection’, it has felt as though Lily has grown in confidence, secure in the knowledge that her faith in us is reciprocated and rewarded with the stroking and fussing that she simply wouldn’t allow us to do for such a long time. Our relationship has certainly moved up a level, and I feel privileged and proud that patience won out, and Lily ‘let me in’.

Aside from being a milestone as a pet owner and animal lover, why was the whole matter so significant?

Maybe it’s because we ‘connect’ so instantly with others now – we can ‘friend, wave, message, connect and follow’ in seconds, with minimum effort and often, without a second thought.

As a child, disciplined in the practise of always writing and sending ‘thank you’ letters, I always reach out and thank anyone who has taken their time to connect or follow, and I always take childish pleasure when people acknowledge that ‘connection after connecting’ moment – it instantly feels more personal.

So, is trust-building a dying art? Consider for a moment:

Tinder – Swipe. Match. Chat

Love Island – Coupled Up. Re-coupled. Boyfriend. Girlfriend.

Instagram/Twitter – just ‘follow’ and you’re good to go

SnapChat – well, I think we can all work that concept out! You Snap! You Chat!

Don’t get me wrong, whilst I’m no Love Island fan and I’m not on the dating scene, I do use Instagram and Twitter, so I’ve subscribed to that ‘instant connection’ community myself, and I find them beneficial, both professionally and socially.

But nothing can truly top the moment of real connection – either human or animal of course!

A mother and her newborn baby, realising you’ve met ‘the one’, or even at the very end, holding the hand of a loved one before they pass away.

Connected. Trusted.

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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