Sorry HR – This Is Why You Shouldn’t Make Friends In Your Business…

I was catching up with some reading over the weekend, and came across this article in the HR Grapevine.

It was an interesting piece, with Sophie Parrott’s title in particular catching my eye.

But after I’d finished reading, I was saddened by what I’d just taken in. Was it really the case for HR Professionals that friendships at work should be out of the question?

Mentioned in the article was Suzanne Lucas, who spent 10 years in corporate Human Resources, she wrote that HR have a responsibility to remain impartial, and of course she’s right in what she says.

Before joining the Chrysalis Consulting Team, I spent 12 years in corporate Human Resources, and in those 12 years I forged many friendships!

Of course, many of those relationships came to a natural end in the weeks and months following my departure. But happily, a handful have remained constant.

The article has kindly provided guiding questions to help assess the appropriate grounds of HR’s relationship with a person.

My head tells me that the questions are useful, whilst my heart and gut scream ”just apply common sense”, and ”use your judgement”.

When I was building my own ’brand’ and forging new relationships at work, I was clear about my role and I was crystal clear with colleagues that a ’friend’ in HR was no benefit at all! There would be nothing to gain, no ’looking the other way’, no ”get out of jail card free” and definitely no gossip!

Those colleagues looking for the inside scoop were quickly unmasked, whilst genuine friendships grew over time.

Furthermore, I couldn’t have dealt with all that the role threw at me without trusted colleagues and confidantes.

So, thanks for the tips, but I’m sticking with my Head, Heart & Gut – three friends I’m always glad to have around!

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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