My photography-mad other half has featured in several of my blogs, and here he is again in my latest.

At the weekend he visited Peterborough Cathedral to view Major Tim Peake’s Soyuz TMA-19M Space Capsule

I didn’t go with him on this occasion as I knew he’d be scoping things out, and as he’s more of a solitary photographer, I said we could go along together at a later date.

He was gone for quite a while and was unusually quiet upon his return, quite different from his usual post-photography vocal enthusiasm.

When I viewed ‘the’ shot that captured his visit, I understood, it sort of took your breath away. We used to stand in our garden and watch the ISS pass over on its journey around the earth and we’d always wave to Major Tim and his fellow astronauts and wish them a safe journey.

As the exhibition only opened a few days ago, the cathedral was thronged with visitors, and of course plenty of children on school holidays! Paul described how amusing it had been to listen to parents struggling to explain the concept of space and space travel to their excited offspring, whilst trying to get their own heads around what was in front of their very eyes.

Of course the majesty of the cathedral is a sublime backdrop to the exhibition, and whether you believe in a higher deity or not, it never fails to take your breath away.

But why was my other half so unusually quiet? Well he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of what he’d seen and experienced, especially as he’s always had a strong interest in astronomy. Having followed Major Tim Peake’s story closely, there he was, only feet away from his spacesuit and capsule!

So he returned home, both reflective and quite emotional, with a renewed enthusiasm to learn more and to share the experience with others.

So it struck me, how we should embrace these powerful experiences and simply let the emotions they conjure up wash over us. We shouldn’t be scared to show our vulnerability and sometimes it’s refreshing to reach back to our ‘inner child’ and ask those big questions…’why’ ‘what’ ‘how’.

I think Major Tim Peake should have the final word…

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