Sometimes it’s just good to remind yourself, I was thankful to enjoy these simple pleasures over the weekend…

A classic film
Sunshine – lots of ☀️
🎤 on a long 🚗 journey
Air conditioning on a long 🚗 journey!
Time with family
🍓 and 🍦
Giggles with my niece
🦄 sticker book
Successful shopping trip
More 🍦
Cuddles and 😘 with my niece
🎂 cake
Glorious 🌅
🧀…and more 🧀
Catch-up with an old friend
Gift of a new 👛 with a penny for good luck!
Shared chores
Lazy afternoon
Cutting lavender from the garden
Our 🐈 x 2!
Smell of a BBQ
🌭 🍖 🍗 in the garden
Fresh bedding
Finding an eBay bargain
♥️ and laughter with my ‘other half’
Antiques Roadshow!

Didn’t take one 🤳
Didn’t update Instagram
Just enjoyed the moment…

Simple pleasures, and a weekend of treasures 😊

Sue Alty – The Creative Coordinator

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We think Sue must be a ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, as she has hidden depths! Running our office with meticulous planning and capability, Sue is an avid list writer with a keen eye for detail. But don’t be fooled by that organised demeanour, for Sue is as creative as she is efficient! A skilled communicator with a humorous edge, Sue is as passionate about people and their learning and development as she is about becoming the future Mrs Tom Hardy or Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch (either will do!).  An interesting career path has taken her from the glamour of working in luxury London hotels to the chilled Distribution Centres of supermarket retail, and whether managing small groups or large teams, people are at the heart of everything Sue does.