It’s summer! At last, a few days of hot days, sleepless nights and the smell of BBQ’s hanging permanently in the air.

It also means that half the year has passed, we’ve virtually got six months of 2018 tucked under our belts, and before the kids have even broken up, the ‘back to school’ adverts will be hitting our screens!

So, at this mid-year point, it’s worth pausing for a moment to reflect. That time has passed in the blink of an eye, and although I can recall my ‘best bits compilation’, it’s the everyday details that are harder to commit to memory.

So, six months in, should I start a diary? Keep a journal? Just note more stuff down?

Over the weekend I had a lovely, long telephone conversation with a friend I’ve now known for longer than the number of years I didn’t!  One of those special friends that you don’t speak to as often as you should, but when you do, it’s as though you’ve merely pressed ‘pause’, and the conversation resumes as though you’d only spoken the day before.

My friend has been poorly for a while, and was very much looking forward to the warmer weather, meaning she could sit out in her beloved garden and convalesce in the sunshine. She is an avid reader, so she’ll no doubt have her nose in a book for hours on end.

She went on to tell me that since being ill, she’s kept a diary, and now couldn’t imagine a day in which she didn’t spend time writing. She told me that it helped her make sense of her illness and how she was feeling, and most importantly, it was a place she could be totally honest and there was no requirement to be terribly British and say she was “on the road to recovery”, when actually she wanted to say, “I look like s**t, I feel like s**t, how do you think I’m feeling!”

Interestingly, she doesn’t write about the day’s events on the same day, she makes notes on her phone (purely because she loses too many pens!), and then on the following day, she reflects on what she’s jotted down and then writes her diary entry.

Now my friend has always been known for her forthright, plain speaking – scary at times for the uninitiated! She told me that she writes purely for herself, although when she’d first started, she found she was writing for someone else and being unnaturally polite! She was writing the diary that wouldn’t cause offence if her mum found it and read it.

Then she remembered, her mum passed away nearly a decade ago, so she began again – no holds barred!

Towards the end of our conversation, my friend urged me to start a diary (it’s one of my default New Year resolutions). She ended by saying something that really resonated with me – she told me that once she’d started her diary, she’d made a pact with herself not to look back. She just kept writing and going forward and she wouldn’t look back until she’d arrived at the place she wanted to be.

Wise words indeed from a dear friend…

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