Pinch Punch!  And a very happy February to you all! We made it through January!

Struggle – I know there are many who would disagree, but I struggle with January, after the excitement of Christmas (yes I’m an adult, and yes I get excited!), January always feels like it’s the ‘price you have to pay’ for the festive season, but hey ho, that’s all behind me now!

So, thoughts now turn to the season ahead, and when the sun is shining, Spring doesn’t feel too far away. Then of course there are daffodils, I love to see grass verges swathed in glorious yellow as I’m out and about, and I have a constant vaseful of these happy, golden blooms in the kitchen to lift my spirits.

Now, if daffodils aren’t quite your thing, grab yourself an anthem! We’ve all got a particular tune that stirs the soul, each and every time we hear it, and as I’m writing this my own favourite is my upbeat backing track – ‘Shine’ by Take That (admit it, you’re hearing it in your head now, aren’t you! – if not click the link!). Sing along, badly, who cares!

And should further injections of lyrical expression be required, I crank up the playlist to ‘Survive’ with Gloria Gaynor, swing on a ‘Chandelier’ with Sia, ‘Roar’ along with Katy Perry and finally ‘Shake It Out’ courtesy of the lovely Florence and her Machine!

If you’re of a nervous disposition, cover your ears now! I made no apologies for my lack vocal expertise!

Happy February