Wasn’t it an easier time for leaders when they could promote or dismiss their people based on the outcomes of the bell curve following appraisals, and when they could attract new people by offering a great benefit package – pension, private health care and a company car.

After all, people should be grateful that they’ve even got a job, right?

The world of work is changing. 

People want to be passionate about what they are doing.  They want a purpose, they want to know they are contributing to something bigger.  They want to work more flexibly, with more autonomy, set their own objectives, be responsible for their own career journey and learn when they want/need to learn something to help them.

And we know all of this because our people are telling us.  The research is telling us.  The reason that people are leaving you is telling us.

Yet we ignore it.

Because as leaders we think we know best.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know everything. And you can’t keep ignoring what your people are telling you.

There will be a pool of your employees that need to stay (for now), possibly because of their benefits, that are secretly planning their escape.  They want to work for X, they want to start their own company, they want to use their entrepreneurial skills, or the skills that you have no idea they even possess because you’ve never bothered to look at the person, just their job.

You’ll have a pool of people that will be using you for all they can learn and gain to help them on their career ladder.

You’ll have a pool who are counting down to retirement and won’t budge.

And you’ll have a pool of people who love what you do, don’t want to leave, want to be treated like people, who are committed to change and know where you can improve things, and these are the people you don’t want to be ignoring.  But you are.  Why, because these are the people that aren’t baby boomers, of millennials, these are the next generation of leader but you’ve skipped them.  These are the ones that are driving the change from bell curves and benefits to engagement and purpose.

What plan do you have in place for them?

Can you afford to ignore them any longer?

Kelly Swingler

Kelly Swingler is Founder of Chrysalis Consulting, The People and Change Experts and was appointed at the UK’s Youngest HR Director.  Kelly is passionate about helping people find bespoke people solutions to suit the needs of their business. Kelly is the author of Fostering a Mindset for Career Success and what’s your excuse for not Overcoming Stress.