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Who we are


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About us


Solution Focused People and Process Specialists


We will help your operation grow, develop, set, meet and exceed goals and expectations in a way that’s achievable and sustainable. We want you to be positive about your future and confident in your expectations.

There’s no wand waving, powerful rhetoric or unrealistic promises.

Put us to the test. Our consultancy will result in improved processes, better time management, clearer communication throughout your organisation and smarter ways of working across your entire organisation.

“The Chrysalis Team are a unique combination of authority, innovative ideas and authenticity, always striving to get the best out of people and lead us onto new things but always with refreshing business realism. I highly recommend Chrysalis Consulting.”


We are for you if…..


  • you are seeking a partner that has your best interests at heart
  • you want cost effective added value support
  • you want to be engaged in the work so that when we leave you can continue to create sustainable change
  • you want a simple and straightforward approach with real language
  • you want qualified, accredited and experienced coaches and learning experts
  • you want a holistic and practical approach to work

We are not for you if…..


  • you want a ‘here’s our framework that you must follow’ consultancy
  • you want to pay a lot for consultancy that adds little value in terms of results
  • you want consultants that do it all for you and you don’t know what to do when they have gone
  • you want complex frameworks and technical jargon
  • you want someone with a bit of experience in learning
  • you want death by PowerPoint